Secondary Metal Work in Nottinghamshire

To complement our laser cutting and profiling capabilities, we also offer a wide range of secondary metal work operations. Arromax Engineering Ltd in-house machinery and skilled workforce are able to produce simple flat cut profiled components, fabricated sub-assemblies, or complete manufactured products. As part of this service we have the following options:

CNC Bending and Folding
Equipped with a 4000mm long, 170-ton Amada press brake, we are able to fold materials up to 25mm in thickness. It is perfectly placed to undertake large fabrications.

This is partnered with our Trumpf 7036 speed press for smaller and more intricate pieces. We also boast an extensive range of tooling from swan neck and radii to hemming tools, which enable us to create rolled over safety edges. With our skilled press break operators, we are confident in undertaking your most complex of folding requirements.

CNC Automated Saw
Our automated saws speed up production rates with precision cutting. Complete with bundle clamps we are able to cut multiple lengths of section at the same time.

Drill and Tap
With our XYZ Fast Tap 400 we can produce blind and through holes, conventional and roll taps, and the highest quality threads.

With our specialist flow drill, we are able to add tapped holes to thin walled SHS, RHS, CHS and plate without the need for a nutsert or rivnut. The flowdrill causes the material to plasticize and become mouldable into a thicker walled hole. This hole can then be roll tapped. Never again will you have the issue of your rivnut or nutsert coming loose.

Metal Finishing
Our finishing options include

  • Zinc Plating,
  • Galvanising,
  • Electrophoretic Coating,
  • Shot Blasting,
  • Polishing,
  • Powder Coating,
  • Wet Painting.

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